Clarice Lispector: The Passion According to G.H.

14 November 2019

And now I am not taking your hand for myself. I am the one giving you my hand.
Now I need your hand, not so that I won’t be scared, but so that you won’t. I know that believing in all this will be, at first, your gfreat solitude. But the moment will come when you will give me your hand, no longer out of solitude, but as I am doing now: out of love. Like me, you will no longer fear adding your-self to the extreme energetic sweetness of the God. Solitude is having only the human destiny.
And solitude is not needing. Not needing leaves a man very alone, all alone. Ah, needing does not isolate the person, the thing needs the thing: all you have to do is see the chick walking around to see that its destiny will be what needimes makes of it, its destiny is to join as drops of mercury join other drops of mercury, even if, like each drop of mercury, it has in itself an entirely complete an round existence.
Ah, my love, do not be afraid od neediness: it is our greater destiny. Love is so much more fatal than I had thought, love is as inherent as wanting itself, and we are guaranteed by a necessity that shall renew itself continuously. Love already is, it is always. All that is missing is the coup de grâce - which is called passion.

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