Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari: Kafka; Toward a Minor Literature

14 October 2019

The segments are simultaneously powers and territories – they capture desire by territorializing it, fixing it in place, photographing it, pinning it up as a picture, or dressing it up in tight clothes, giving it a mission, extracting from its image of transcendence to which it devotes itself to such a degree that it comes to oppose this image to itself… But we must also declare as well that an assemblage has points of deterritorialization; or that it always has a line of escape by which it escapes itself and makes its enunciations or its expressions take flight and is articulate, no less that the contents that deform or metamorphose; or that the assemblage extends over or penetrates an unlimited field of immanence that makes the segments melt and that liberates desire from all its concretizations and abstractions or, the very least, fights actively against them in order to dissolve them.

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