Fernando Pessoa: The Keeper of Sheep - V

16 October 2019

There’s enough metaphysics in not thinking about anything.

The mystery of things? I have no idea what mystery is!
The only mystery is there being someone who thinks about mystery.

... the sun’s light is worth more than the thoughts
Of all philosophers and all poets.
The light of the sun doesn’t know what it’s doing
So it’s never wrong and it’s common and good.

Metaphysics? What metaphysics do those trees have?
Of being green and bushy and having branches
And of giving fruit in their own time, which doesn’t make us think,
To us, who don’t know how to pay attention to them.
But what better metaphysics than theirs,
Which is not knowing what they live for
Not even knowing they don’t know?
“Inner constitution of things…”
“Inner meaning of the Universe…”
All that stuff is false, all that stuff means nothing.

It’s incredible that someone could think about things that way.

Thinking about the inner meaning of things
Is doing too much, like thinking about health when you’re healthy…

The only inner meaning of things
Is that they have no inner meaning at all.

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