Emil Cioran: Wakefulness and Obsession: An Interview with E.M. Cioran

12 October 2019

When I meet friends or people I know who are going through a difficult period, I usually have this advice for them: ‘Go for twenty minutes in a cemetery and you’ll see that, though your worry won’t disappear, you’ll almost forget about it and you’ll feel better.’ Just a few days ago I told a young woman who was suffering fearfully from an unhappy love, ‘Since you don’t live far from Montparnasse, take a walk through the cemetery, just half an hour, and you will see that your misery will appear bearable.’ In such a situation, it is much better to do that than to go to a doctor; there is no medicine that can help. To visit a cemetery in such a situation is a lesson, a lesson in wisdom! I have always practiced such methods, or recommended them, although it may not seem altogether serious, but it has been effective in every case. What can one say that is meaningful to someone in despair? Absolutely nothing, or almost nothing. My advice shows immediate result.

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