Emil Cioran: Tears and Saints

16 October 2019

Boredom is the simplest way to abolish time, ecstasy is the most complex. The more bored one is, the more self-conscious. Illnesses affect specific places in the body, which can be isolated and cured. But boredom spreads over entire body like cancer, seeps into our organs and carves out holes that resemble a system of underground caves. Life is our solution to boredom. Melancholy, sadness, despair, terror, and ecstasy grow out of boredom’s thick trunk. There are flowers of melancholy and of sadness, but only boredom has roots. The secret is to know how to be bored in an essential way. Most people, however, never even scratch the surface of boredom. To live real boredom, one must have style.

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