Anaïs Nin: The Diary of Anaïs Nin

19 October 2019

Your riotous living, curiosity, gusto, amorality, sentimentality are enough to fill a hundred books. You have never known stagnation. You make me believe that introspection does not need to be a still life. It can be an active alchemy. You want to leave a scar on the world. And you - why you put things so clearly and beautifully to me - so crystal clear - it looks simple and true. You are so terribly clever, so nimble. I distrust your cleverness. You make wonderful patterns; everything is in its place, it looks convincingly clear: too clear. And meanwhile, where are you? Not on the clear surface of your ideas, but you have already sunk deeper, into darker regions - so that one only thinks one has been given all your thought, one only imagines you have emptied yourself in that clarity. But there are layers and layers; you are bottomless, unfathomable. Your clearness is deceptive. You’re the thinker who arouses the most confusion and exaltation in me, most doubts, most mystery, most disturbances. You are whole, powerful, every word uttered by you hits the mark. I love our talks; they have a firm, exhilarating interplay, resilience.

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  1. I knew Henry M.....
    He told me that Anais N.. was the best f..k he had ever had.


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