Søren Kierkegaard: What Is?

20 September 2019

What is good fortune? A specter that is only when it has been? What is hope? An insistent tormentor one cannot be rid of, a subtle deceiver who holds out even longer than honesty, a quarrelsome friend who always retains his right even when the emperor has lost his. What is remembrance? A tiresome consoler, a faithless villain who wounds from behind, a shadow one cannot sell even if anyone would buy it! What is bliss? A wish one gives to whoever will have it. What is faith? A cord upon which one stays hanging if one does not hang oneself. What [is] truth? A secret the dying man takes with him. What is friendship? One more affliction! What is expectation? An arrow in flight that doesn’t move. What is fulfillment? An arrow that misses the target.

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