Tom Waits: Lucky Day

30 December 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, Harry's Harbour Bizarre is proud to present,
Under the Big Top tonight, Human Oddities.
That's right, you'll see the Three Headed Baby
You'll see Hitler's brain,
see Lea Graff, the German midget who sat in J.P. Morgan's lap.
You'll see Priscilla Bajano, the monkey woman.
Jo Jo the dog face boy. I'm Milton Malone, the human skeleton.
See Grace McDaniels, the mule faced woman,
And she's the homeliest woman in the world.
Under the Big Top tonight, never before seen,
and if you have a heart condition, please be warned.
Don't forget to visit our snack bar at Charleston Grotto.
All sales are final. Void where prohibited by law.
You'll see Sealo the seal boy who has flippers for arms
You'll see Johnny Eck, the man born without a body
He walks on his hands, he has his own orchestra and is an excellent pianist.
See Gerd Bessler, the human pincushion,
And don't forget it's Ladies' Night here at Harry's Harbour Bizarre.
You'll see Ko Ko the bird girl,
Mortando, the human fountain,
step a little closer ladies and gentlemen and don't be shy,
dig deep in your pockets.
You'll see Radion the human torso.
Deep from the jungles of Africa.
Ladies and Gentlemen. Harry's Harbor Bizarre. Ladies and Gentlemen.

The prettiest girl
in all the world
is in a little Spanish town
but I left her for a Bonnie lass
and I told her
I'd see her around
But that Bonnie lass
and her heart of glass
would not hold a candle

to bumming around
so don't cry for me
for I'm going away
and I'll be back some lucky day

Tell the boys back home
I'm doing just fine
I left all my troubles and woe
so sing about me
for I can't come home
I've many more miles to go

Why there's Miss Kelsey
you taught dance at our school
and old Johnny O'Toole
I'll still beat you at pool
so don't cry for me
for I'm going away
and I'll be back some lucky day

Now when I was a boy
My daddy sat me on his knee
And he told me
He told me many things
And he said son
There's alot of things in this world
You're gonna have no use for
And when you get blue
And you've lost all your dreams
There's nothin like a campfire
And a can of beans

Why there's Miss Kelsey
She taught dance at our school
And old Johnny O 'Toole
I'll still beat you at pool
So don't cry for me
For I'm goin' away
And I'll be back some lucky day

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