Tom Waits: The Briar And The Rose

16 December 2018

I fell asleep down by the stream
And there I had the strangest dream
And down by Brennan's Glenn there grows
A briar and a rose

There's a tree in the forest
But I don't know where
I built a nest out of your hair
And climbing up into the air
A briar and a rose

I don't know how long it has been
But I was born in Brennan's Glenn
And near the end of spring there grows
A briar and a rose

I picked the rose one early morn
I pricked my finger on a thorn
They'd grown so high
It's winding wove the briar around the rose

I tried to tear them both apart
I felt a bullet in my heart
And all dressed up in springs new clothes
The briar and the rose

And when I'm buried in my grave

Tell me so I will know
Your tears will fall
To make love grow
The briar and the rose

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