Robert Desnos: The Voice of Robert Desnos

20 August 2018

So like to the flower and the current of air
And the watercourse with its fleeting shadows
And the smile glimpsed that special night at midnight
So like everything like joy and sadness
It is midnight gone lifting its naked chest above belfries poplars
I summon those lost in the fields
The ancient corpses the young felled oaks
The tatters of fabric rotting in the ground and the linen drying round farms
I summon tornados and hurricanes
Tempests typhoons cyclones
Tidal waves
And earthquakes
I summon the smoke of volcanoes cigarettes
Smoke rings of luxurious cigars
I summon love and the amorous
I summon the living and dead
I summon the gravediggers summon assassins
Summon the executioners pilots stonemasons architects
The assassins
I summon the flesh
I call to her I love
I call to her I love
I call to her I love
Triumphant midnight deploys its satin wings and lands on my bed
Belfries and poplars bend to my desire
The former crumble and collapse
Those lost in the fields find each other in finding me
Ancient corpses revive at my voice
Young felled oaks are covered with foliage
The tatters of fabric rotting in the ground and on the ground
Flap at the sound of my voice like banners of rebellion
The linen drying round farms clothes adorable women I do not adore
Who come to me
Obey my voice and adore me
Tornadoes whirl in my mouth
Hurricanes if it is possible redden my lips
Tempests roar at my feet
Typhoons if it is possible ruffle my hair
I receive the ecstatic kisses of the cyclone
Tidal waves die away at my feet
Earthquakes do not shake me but shatter things at my command
The smoke of volcanoes clothes me in vapour
And cigarette smoke scents me
The smoke rings from cigars wreathe me
The lovers and love so long pursued find refuge within me
The amorous listen to my voice
The living and dead submit and salute me
The one coldly the other intimately
Gravediggers abandon barely dug graves and declare
I alone command their nocturnal toil
The assassins hail me
The executioners invoke the revolution
Invoke my voice
Invoke my name
Pilots steer by my eyes
Stonemasons have vertigo listening to me
The architects depart for the desert
The assassins bless me
The flesh trembles at my call

She I love does not hear me
She I love does not listen
She I love does not reply.

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