Robert Desnos: Last Poem

20 August 2018

I have dreamed so deeply of you that you lose reality.

Is there still time to reach that living body and kiss
On those lips the birth of the voice so dear to me?

I have dreamed so deeply of you that my arms so used
While embracing your shade to cross themselves on my chest
Would not shape themselves perhaps to the lines of your body.

So deeply that faced with the true apparition
Of what haunts and governs me for days and years
I doubtless would become a shade myself.

O balance-scales of feeling

I have dreamed so deeply of you doubtless
There’s no time left for me to waken.
I sleep upright, my body exposed to all
The apparitions of life and love and you,
The only one who matters to me now,
I could no more touch your brow and lips
Than the brow and lips of the first passer-by.

I have dreamed so deeply of you
So walked, so talked, slept so with your phantom
That all that is left for me now perhaps,
Is to be a phantom among the phantoms
A hundred times more shade than the shade
That moves and will move with joy
On the sun-dial of your life.

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