Jacques Prévert: Picasso’s Stroll

21 August 2018

On a truly round plate of real porcelain
Sits an apple
Facing it squarely
A Realist painter
Tries in vain to paint
The apple just as it is
It won’t allow him
The apple
Has a mind of its own
And several tricks in its pomiferous bag
The apple
And there it turns
On a real plate
Slyly round itself
Blandly installed
And like a Duke de Guise disguised as a jet of gas
Because they want to paint his portrait despite him
The apple disguises itself as a lovely fruit
And it’s only then
That the Realist painter
Begins to realise
That the apple’s appearances are all against him
Like a wretched beggar
Like the indigent pauper who suddenly finds himself at the mercy
Of some philanthropic and charitable foundation
Formidable in its philanthropy charity and formidableness
The unfortunate painter of reality
Suddenly finds himself the pitiful prey
Of an endless crowd of associations
And the apple rotating evokes the apple tree
Terrestrial Paradise and Eve then Adam
The watering can the espalier and Parmentier and the stairway
Canada and Hesperides Normandy Pippins and Ladies
The snake in the Tennis Court grass the Oath of the Cider Glass
And original sin
And art’s origin
And the Swiss with their William Tell
And even Isaac Newton
Winning full recognition at the Universal Gravity Exhibition
Till the bewildered painter loses sight of his model
And falls asleep
It’s then that Picasso
Passing by, there as everywhere,
Every day, as if at home,
Sees the apple the plate and the sleeping painter
Imagine painting an apple
Picasso says
And Picasso eats the apple
And the apple says Thanks a Million
And Picasso shatters the plate
And goes off smiling
And the painter torn from his sleep
Like a tooth
Finds himself all alone, in front of his unfinished canvas,
With, in the very midst of the broken crockery,
The terrifying pips of reality.

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