Emily Berry: Letter to Husband

19 August 2018

Dearest husband
Beloved husband
Most respected, missed and righteous husband
Dear treasured, absent husband
Dear unimaginable piece of husband
Dear husband of the moon,
it has been six months since I
Dear much lamented distant husband, my champing
heart forgives you
please come.
In a long
undergrowth of wanting I creep
at night the sea is a dark room
I called and called
These white corridors are not
free from longing
Dear postman
Dear night-time, dear
dark mouth hovering over me
Dear knee bones
dear palms, dear faithful
I have wants

Speech is a dark stain spreading
I have no telephone
No one will give me a telephone
I lost your voice
in dark places
it is written
over and over
please come.
A scribble is the way a heartbeat is told
Dearest serrated
husband. My heartscribbles
your name. My mouth
I have cried your name in every
possible colour I have given you my proud
undeviating wish
over and over and over: Sweetheart, please come

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