Bertolt Brecht: The Seventh Psalm

06 July 2018

My beloveds, I know it: my hair is falling out with this wild living and I must lay me down on the stones. You see me drinking the cheapest schnapps and I go naked in the wind.

But, my beloveds, once upon a time I was pure.

I had a woman, she was stronger than me as the grass is stronger than the bull. The grass lifts up again.

She saw that I was bad and she loved me.

She did not ask where the way led that was her way and perhaps it led downward. When she gave me her body she said: That is all. And it became my body.

Now she is not anywhere anymore, she vanished like the cloud when it has rained, I let her go and she fell, for that was her way.

But at night sometimes when you see me drinking I see her face white in the wind and strong and turned my way, and I bow into the wind.
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