Ana Luísa Amaral: Last Will

19 March 2018

I am leaving on a plane
and the fear of heights together with myself
makes me go on tranquilizers
and have confused dreams.

If I die,
I want my daughter not to forget me
may someone sing to her even off-key
and show her how to dream
more than a rigid schedule
or a well-made bed.

Show her love and how to look
to dream about blue suns and shining skies
instead of teaching her how to sum
and how to peel potatoes.

Prepare her
for life,
if I die on the plane
and detached from my body
become a free atom up in the sky.

May my daughter
remember me
and later on tell her own daughter
that I flew up in the sky
and in dazzled contentment
watched all the wrong sums
and the bags of potatoes all forgotten
and complete.
Ana Luísa Amaral
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